Football Betting Guide

Football Betting is huge in almost every part of the world, because:

  • Domestic leagues provide plenty of betting action all over the globe, and ensure that there's always something to look at even when the domestic teams in your own country are enjoying their off-season break.

  • International tournaments such as the World Cup provide lots of relatively "easy picking" opportunities, especially in the early rounds.

  • Although it is never a guarantee, past form is an excellent guide to future performance, and this enables bettors to make sound decisions based on the analysis of previous results.

Although the game itself has only three possible outcomes: win, lose or draw, there are a number of other bets that can be made:

  • Half-time, full-time bets allow you to bet on the result of the game at both 45 minutes and 90 minutes. This obviously makes the bet more difficult, but the odds are more generous as a consequence.

  • First goal scorer bets allow you to nominate which player will score first. Corners bets require you to say how many corners you think there will be during the game.

  • Correct score bets allow you to predict how the match will end after 90 minutes - not in terms of whether a team will win, lose or draw, but by stating the actual score of the match. The odds for correct scores can offer excellent value, although of course they are more difficult to predict.

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