Horse Racing Events in Italy

Horse racing is a popular spectator sport in the UK, and gambling on horseraces is the cornerstone of the British betting industry.

The two main forms of horse racing in the UK are unobstructed distances races, known as flat racing, and races over fences or over hurdles, known as National Hunt racing. Additionally there is another form of racing which is run on an altogether more informal and ad hoc basis, known as point to point racing.

Point to point is a form of steeplechasing for amateur riders. Like professional racing, it is run under the auspices of the governing and regulatory body for horse-racing in Great Britain, the British Horseracing Authority.

The UK has produced some of the greatest jockeys, including Sir Gordon Richards, usually considered the greatest jockey ever. There are between four and five hundred professional jockeys based in the UK.

Here's a list of notable horse racing events which take place annually in the UK, under the jurisdiction of the British Horseracing Authority.

Group 1

Month Race Name Racecourse Distance Age/Sex
May Derby Italiano Capannelle 2,200 3yo c&f
May Premio Presidente della Repubblica Capannelle 2,000 4yo+ c&f
June Gran Premio di Milano San Siro 2,400 3yo+ c&f
October Premio Vittorio di Capua San Siro 1,600 3yo+ c&f
October Gran Criterium San Siro 1,600 2yo c&f
October Gran Premio del Jockey Club San Siro 2,400 3yo+ c&f
October Premio Lydia Tesio Capannelle 2,000 3yo+ f
November Premio Roma Capannelle 2,000 3yo+ c&f

Group 2

Month Race Name Racecourse Distance Age/Sex
May / June Premio Carlo Vittadini San Siro 1,600 3yo+
June Oaks d'Italia San Siro 2,200 3yo f
November Premio Ribot Capannelle 1,600 3yo+

Group 3

Month Race Name Racecourse Distance Age/Sex
April / May Premio Ambrosiano San Siro 2,000 4yo+
April / May Premio Parioli Capannelle 1,600 3yo c
April / May Premio Carlo Chiesa Capannelle 1,200 3yo+ f
May Premio Regina Elena Capannelle 1,600 3yo f
May Premio Carlo d'Alessio Capannelle 2,400 4yo+
May Premio Tudini Capannelle 1,200 3yo+
May / June Premio Mario Incisa San Siro 2,000 3yo f
June Premio Paolo Mezzanotte San Siro 2,000 4yo+ f
June Premio Primi Passi San Siro 1,200 2yo
Sept / Oct Premio Federico Tesio San Siro 2,200 3yo+
October Premio Dormello San Siro 1,600 2yo f
October Premio Sergio Cumani San Siro 1,600 3yo+ f
October Premio Omenoni San Siro 1,000 3yo+
October Premio Guido Berardelli Capannelle 1,800 2yo
Oct / Nov Premio Chiusura San Siro 1,400 2yo+
November Premio Umbria Capannelle 1,200 2yo+

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